You are looking to self-publish your first book or E-Book or you actually have just written your first manuscript and you are wondering how to get it published and how to promote it and make money from it once the publication process has been completed. Self-publishing the first time can be a daunting task, but through this workshop, you will receive step by step instructions on how to get the job done and it will outline to you both different publishing options that you have and also various marketing strategies that you can employ to effectively get people looking at and thinking about your book.

This is a workshop you should take if you are even thinking about writing a book and self-publishing it as just by taking it, you will become much more comfortable about undertaking the work ahead of you. The workshop will give you a road map to follow to get the job done and it will remove most fears and anxieties about starting in the first place if you have some.

In this workshop, I will cover:

  • How to become an "E-Author" and how to self-publish online
  • How to select your book genre and build a title that can be found by search engines
  • Tools you can use to aid you in writing your book - they will save you time and effort
  • Strategies for getting your ISBN number and learn what a BISAC code is and how to find the right one for your book
  • How and where to publish "Print on Demand" books so that they can be sold on Amazon and stores like Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo
  • How to create quality book covers
  • How to promote your book online on Amazon and various social media platforms to get it visible
  • How to build quality promotional advertisements in various mediums - videos, articles, blogs, e-mail campaigns
  • How to get your book on the shelves of major retailers

If you are wanting to get a book published and selling online, this workshop will help guide you to a successful conclusion - so be sure to sign up for this workshop.