E-Mail Marketing Systems, List Building and Closing Sales

This workshop teaches you how to make use of automated messaging/e-mail systems as part of your online business.

In this workshop, I will provide you with an overview of the various aspects contained within a messaging platform that you would build for your business and what their purposes would be. This includes sending e-mails, tracking opens and other relating message distribution statistics, managing messaging campaigns, and companies that should be looked at if you are looking to build in a messaging capability for your business.

Within this workshop, you will also receive information on the inclusion of and use of auto-responders, the types of e-mails you should be creating in your business, and tips on how to capture subscribers and build your e-mail subscriber lists.

Also included is discussion on setting up more sophisticated e-mail messaging platforms - this conversation is geared more towards growing and more sophisticated corporate entities that are sending out 10's of thousands to millions of e-mails a day, but I will talk about this in overview - as who knows, this may be you in the not too distant future...

There is a lot of information packed into this class that will help you grow your business and close sales so be sure to sign up for it.