Content Creation, Blogging, Vlogging and Video Advertising

You want to create monetize-able “Content”, promote it online; and earn enough revenue from it to be able to make this a full-time business. You have an idea what you want to create but you don’t know how to build it all, how to market it and how to make money from it. You have many questions but not a lot of knowledge as to what to do.

Or: You want to become a Blogger or a Vlogger to make money online as you've heard many make good incomes from this but you are uncertain as to how they actually make money as content creators. And how do they get 10's of thousands of people to follow them anyway?

In this workshop, I will start by showing you the business model you need to create and the technical infrastructure you need to put under it all to make this all work so you are able to scale it and make it work as people start to find you and start to subscribe to you. Then I will show you how to create a video and get it published, and then promote it to get them to your web or blog site where you have actual products and services you are selling to make an income and how to use these videos educate, entertain and keep people watching them to the end so that you are viewed as a quality creator in the eyes of YouTube and Google - which brings you more viewers and helps you to grow your YouTube channel.

I'll show you where and how you can make money doing this, how you can attract sponsors to your business so you actually get paid for some of the content you create, how to use both "curated/other-people's-content" along with your own to grow your business. You can't create it all - so within this workshop I'll show you how to legally use the content of others - and in ways they appreciate it - so they can help you grow as well.

If you want to create and make money doing it, this is a workshop you won't want to miss.